Our Partners


The world leader in the manufacture and development of Gafchromic film and software used for radiation dosimetry.

Bionix RT

A leader in the development and manufacture of innovative medical devices and equipment for Radiation Therapy.


Providing solutions Nuclear Medicine, Positron Emission Tomography, (PET) Dosimetry and Hot Lab.


CIRS is recognized as a leader in the manufacturer of tissue equivalent phantoms and simulators for medical imaging, radiation therapy and procedural training.


Biometric Patient identification systems using finger print stations elimination patient error in radiation therapy treatment.


DOSIsoft designs, develops and sells cutting-edge software solutions specialized in radiotherapy and molecular imaging.

Dot Decimal

A manufacturer of patient specific custom beam shaping devices for proton, electron, and photon therapies. Also a software development company specializing in radiation oncology planning, dose-based device design, and CT- based range comp QA.


Leader in the reduction of errors in radiation therapy delivery using the latest technological advances in patient positioning and visualization.

IZI Medical

Supplier of quality of Gold fiducial markers and other equipment and consumables used in Radiation Therapy.

K & S Associates Inc

K&S Associates is a fully accredited company offering repair and calibration services of medical instruments and devices.

Mirada Medical

Mirada Medical is a prominent global brand in medical imaging software. Mirada’s innovative software solutions are routinely used in radiology, molecular imaging.

Phantom Laboratory

The Phantom Laboratory manufactures, high – precision phantoms and innovative custom solutions for medical imaging and radiation therapy.

Precision X-RAY

The global standard for pre-clinical x-ray irradiation research systems


A global leader of innovative dosimetry solutions for medical and healthcare physics, well known for its outstanding product and service excellence.

Radiation Products Design

One stop shopping for medical physics, radiation oncology and radiological imaging equipment and accessories.


A world leader of precision skin marking and labelling systems used in radiological imaging and radiation oncology.

Wolf X-ray

A North America leader in the supply of products and accessories for radiology.