Medical Physics Equipment in Ottawa

At Medron Medical Systems in Ottawa, healthcare professionals will find some of the finest medical physics equipment available in the market. Our range of products, and the reputation of our suppliers, says a lot about how far we can go to improve your dosimetry, brachytherapy, simulation and radiation research capabilities. You can be sure that you will have our full cooperation in helping you introduce any new equipment to your practice.

We understand the need for near-perfect standards when it comes to administration of radiation therapy. Radiation is undetectable by our senses, we rely on machines to give us readings of radiation levels and we require the figure with the smallest possible amount of discrepancy. Our equipment will give you longevity and accurate results, ensuring that each patient receives the optimum radiation therapy.

With our beam QA and brachytherapy equipment, electrometers and ionization chambers, you will be able to ensure patient safety when delivering the treatment. Dosage miscalculations, beam quality and positioning and certain human errors will soon be a lesser uncertainty in your practice.

If your QA data needs a bit of organization, our management software will do the sorting for your staff and some more. You’ll be able to filter QA tasks, create lean presentations, access data from remote devices and employ better security.

Notwithstanding the presence of our medical physics equipment, healthcare professionals must still exercise extreme caution when delivering radiation.

Reduce your points of error and improve your patient service with Medron Medical Systems. Our equipment and expertise are at your disposal. Contact us today!