Quality Nuclear Medicine and Equipment in Ottawa

The processes that surround imaging tests for internal functions would be more complex, if not for advances in nuclear medicine technology. With that in mind, let Medron Medical Systems make it easier for you to improve your services. We have a spectrum of nuclear medicine equipment and computer software to offer you.

Our imaging software and management from Mirada Medical and DOSIsoft will consolidate your most important tasks in one platform. This means that you will be able to monitor results from multiple imaging equipment with ease and without reducing efficiency.

As for general management, Capintec’s Optility Medicine Management Software Package will help you keep track of the most important treatment metrics. It’s paired with their own dose calibrators so you can monitor the level of radioactivity in the chamber.

We also have a range of nuclear medicine instrumentation and QA tools. From lab equipment to lead-lined cabinets to test counter, Medron has everything you need to be confident in your imaging capabilities. Furthermore, you have us to help you in reaching your goals for better patient service. While imaging work may not be as patient-centric as internal medicine, it’s still important to have an established care standard. Faults must be at an absolute minimum and there should be a protocol in helping people who are hesitant toward imaging chambers.

Medron Medical Systems in Ottawa is your partner and we won’t hesitate to give you our full attention. It’s our intention to make a difference to each healthcare professional. Please get in touch if your practice could do with a timely boost in equipment and service quality.