Top-Notch Radiation Therapy Equipment in Ottawa

Medron Medical Systems will help your radiotherapy practice provide the highest-quality healthcare to your patients. We have a stock of critical radiation therapy equipment made by trusted manufacturers in Ottawa. Our aim is to reach as many healthcare professionals as possible who needs a partner in providing general and specialized radiology equipment.

It is also our intent to help you improve your clinical services. The people who need radiation therapy the most are cancer patients, and it is critical to provide the best patient program possible. Through our coordination, we can make sure that you maximize the efficiency of your equipment and offer a complete care package.

This approach has made us the Canadian leader in our field and we intend to deliver the same level of service to all healthcare professionals we help. We want to be the first-choice supplier of Radiation Therapy equipment and it will be evident from day one that we’re here for the long term.

Our products focus on offering aid for each radiation therapy. There are challenges with each patient, as well as standard safety procedures to follow, where it’s easier to have certain tools to rely on. As such, a steady supply of Elasto-gel, fiducial markers, skin markers, patient immobilization tools, positioning aids and general accessories and supplies will ensure that you have what you need for any patient.

With Medron Medical Systems, you’ll have firm support in your mission to be a better health care professional to your patients. Contact us today for more information.