Radiology Equipment, Imaging Software and Accessories in Ottawa

Medron Medical System is the ideal partner for your healthcare professionals in radiology. We possess wide industry knowledge, experience of both clinical and business sides, and deep grasp of radiology acumen. For whatever equipment and accessories your practice needs, we can provide it. Our company can supply dosimetry and QA tools, mammography machines and supplies, imaging software, phantoms and many more. No medical supply provider can offer the level of assistance that we give to our clients, and we’re ready to help you as soon as possible.

The severity of the cases in radiology warrants only the finest equipment, and our suppliers are well aware of the challenges of radiologists in the field. We want to ensure that every piece of machinery that will enable you to deliver superior services is available at any time. With our involvement, you have someone to count on when you encounter unique situations or an overload of tasks.

The benefits of employing better equipment have a trifecta of benefit to the patients, physicians and the practice. You will become a reliable, if not a first-choice, provider of radiology services, and the organization establishes a better reputation.

On the other hand, expanding your practice to offer more radiology work is a lot more than just the introduction of new equipment. That’s why Medron is here to offer help in upgrading your patient service. It is imperative for our company to make a difference to healthcare professionals. We don’t want to be another supplier, we want to be the last radiology equipment, imaging software and accessories supplier in Ottawa you will need.

Let us know about your practice and we’ll work together to ensure its future and your place in the industry. Call us or email us at your convenience.