What is RadTat?

RadTat is a non-invasive, semi-permanent skin marking that will last up to 2 weeks with little to no maintenance by patient or care provider. This is not a sticker! Skin markings are commonly used for patient positioning, particularly in radiation therapy, but also for comparison scans, follow-up studies, or for localization in some pre-operative cases. RadTat provides a quick, simple solution that lasts!

How does RadTat work?

RadTat is a peel and stick, temporary skin marking. RadTat are plant based and bind with keratin in the outer layer of skin, creating a mark that darkens over 48 hours and remains for 2 weeks (removed sooner with alcohol pad if marks need adjusted). Peel, stick, and hold damp cloth against tattoo paper for a few seconds - that's it!

Why RadTat?

Commonly used alignment marks have several disadvantages which include invasive needlesticks for permanent tattoos and the risk of losing skin marks with adhesive covers. The RadTat two-week semi-permanent tattoo is the solution for these common problems.

Rad Tat is available in sheets of 100

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