Your Trusted Health Equipment Provider in Ottawa

Medron Medical Systems is a Canadian company dedicated to providing quality products and services to Healthcare professionals working in Radiological Imaging, Nuclear Medicine, Radiation Oncology, Health and Medical Physics.

At Medron Medical Systems in Ottawa, we are your partner and member of your team having a key role not only in the sale of medical products, but in offering you the best solutions well suited for your clinical needs. We know the challenges that await healthcare professionals in the industry, and we are ready to utilize our expertise in the field to your advantage. Our knowledge of certain specializations is deep, as well as our list of products, giving us a unique but accurate view of what your practice needs.

When it comes to radiology, radiation oncology, and nuclear medicine having the best possible equipment allows any healthcare institute to provide safe and accurate services. The assurance of using the right amount of radiation and having the right monitoring equipment is an advantage that benefit both the patient and the healthcare professionals in their respective practice.

Being a partner with Medron, you can be assured you have our utmost commitment in ensuring quality healthcare is being delivered every time for every patient. As an Ottawa medical supply company with a background on the clinical and business fronts of medicine, we know our clients quite well and their most important needs.

As your health equipment provider, you know you have a wide choice of vendors when purchasing medical equipment. Our partners are world-leaders and foremost authorities in their respective field, conducting product development as well as manufacturing. With Medron Medical System, you have a lifelong partnership with a reliable supplier of medical radiology, nuclear medicine, medical physics, radiation oncology and radiation research equipment.

Feel free to reach out to our company when you are ready to take your practice to the next level. We can be your partner in making it possible.

Mission Statement

MEDRON Medical Systems is committed to improving the quality and quantity of life for patients who enter the Canadian healthcare system by providing the professionals in their care with the most advanced products, technology and solutions used in clinical practice.

Our Vision

To be recognized by Canadian healthcare professionals as their first choice in the selection of medical products and solutions.

Our Business Philosophy

  • Believe in what we do and what we have to offer.
  • The patient comes first every time.
  • Uncompromised ethical standards in all that we do.
  • Earn the trust of our clients.
  • Build and foster long-term relationships.